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The ways of BoW

Jorogo / Nov 22, 2012
Hey BoW Kinnies!
There’s been a few questions and conversations recently about our kin – objectives and purpose type of stuff so here’s some highlights on how the officers see the kin.
Firstly, we’re a social first kin – we want a friendly atmosphere that people can enjoy in the game, whether solo-ing or grouping so this objective sets our main rules for the kin:

1) BoW expects people to respect others and use common sense
2) Keep kin-chat clean – a bit more leeway on our TeamSpeak channel but see rule 1!

Being a social kin we have a TeamSpeak server and all kinnies are welcome to use this at any time, you don’t need to be grouping up to just log in for a general chat and a laugh. If you haven’t used it, it’s a free install of TeamSpeak3 client to get started, so please come join us!

Secondly we do enjoy our grouping up and raiding, although not at the cost of being social. Pre-Rohan we cleared the end game raid on T1 and had a good crack at some T2 wings. If you’ve not done raiding before don’t worry – we’re happy to have you in, the one big caveat to this is:

3) Please Sign up!

Organising bigger groups takes time, it’s much easier if we use this site to group up in advance with sign-ups. Not sure you can make it but are interested? Sign up as a maybe!
If you sign up you get a place. Anyone who doesn’t sign up but hopes to drop in on the night will be bottom of the list when the group forms up: not knowing you would be there, we may have organised for Allies to fill the remaining spaces...

Don’t be shy about telling officers if there’s instances you want to have a crack at, we won’t force anyone else to be in any instance but we’ll do our best to get an event set up for you.

On a last note, how we see the role of the officers. BOW isn’t a military style kin, we are an open and relaxed kin. Officers are to ensure that we keep the social side of the kin, not all officers will be raid leaders (not all raid leaders may be officers!). If you feel like doing something in particular, you don’t need to get an officers permission to start, just ask in kin who feels like doing that.

Thanks for wading through my essay and shout if anything didn’t make sense! :)


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