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Changes in Kin

Ramkitty / Apr 06, 2013
Hi guys,

For anyone who doesn't know there has been a few changes in kin.
Unfortunately Goldy and Dread are moving home next week and are unable to get the internet for about 12 months:(
This doesn't mean they won't visit from time to time:)
Just hope the move goes well for you both, and return asap:)

So for this reason leadership has been passed onto me and the new raid leader has been assigned to Andy(Jorogo).



All the best to Dread and Goldy!

Rams is new leader , YAY , that means every night is pizza night. Yum Yum. 3(
Hey Ram gratz on leadership :) Soz Goldie and Dread can't get internet at their new place, but good they've moved I hope.

Soz I haven't been on much at all recently, been studying and job hunting - starting a new job on 29th April so all's good.

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