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goldflame / May 30, 2012
Hello Kinnies

Firstly I would like to say a warm welcome to our newest members. We will all get too know you personally :) . If there is anything that you need help/advice on then please do not hesitate in asking one of us we are always willing to help fellow kinnies out.

As most of you are aware is officers have decided on a "Loot Council" for when we go into our raids, for more details then please look at the post in the forum.

We have started to put aside one nite a week for the more experienced raiders.

I have to say we have changed the raiding times too later in the evening as it suits the majority of kinnies. So to secure you place in the raid then you MUST sign up on the callander. If there is a problem then just add a note saying that you may be late or something, just so we know what is happening as we may be able to wait on you if we dont have the sign ups but other wise we will use the reserved peeps.

Officers have talked and have come too the decision that we only need to have the support classes open for recruiting due to our burst in numbers we have recently had :)

If you have anything that you feel that officers need to talk about then please do not hesitate in telling one of us.



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