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goldflame / Apr 19, 2012
Hello Kinnies

Firstly I would like to say on the behalf of the kinship a big Gz too G and Flops on the birth of their baby girl. I would like 2 welcome back our kinnies that have come back after being away :)

To those that dont know Ramkitty has set up an account for our TS so please donate to it so we keep it active. We also have a group on facebook.

As a kin we are doing very well. Dread and Fed are doing a great job in taking us into raids and getting it done quickly and efficantly :). I am glad that officers are willing to lead a group through the raid/instances this gives a greater range of peeps to call upon when our raid leader is not on.

There is a full callender so to secure your place on the raid instance then please make sure you have placed your name on the sign up list. As we do have alot of peeps that are active and would like 2 do end game content.

If any of you cant make it because of the times then tell one of the officers and we will do our best to sort the time of the raids/instances out.

goldflame / Mar 06, 2012
Hello Kinnies

First off I would like to say a warm welcome to all our new members and we will get to know you all personally.

A big gz to Ramkitty of becoming our new Successor and to Lizfeld, Lille, Magvan and Oswulf on becoming Officers.

Dreadmidge is doing an great job at leading us all through the Raids/Instances with ease. The next few week we have a full calander so if you would like to do anything in paticular then please do not hesitate in asking one of the officers to orgnise it for you.

As we all know Ram is organising a fun night at the kinhouse so lets show our support for the kinship and have some fun.

Ramkitty / Dec 28, 2011
Hi guys would like to start by giving a big welcome to all the new kinnies in last few weeks.

As your aware Rads is having a break from lotro after putting in a lot of time and effort.
So in his absence Gold will be running the show and will be keeping us all in check, lol.

Up and coming for the future we are looking into doing some lower level instances so don't be shy if you need some help gives us a shout we will be more than happy to do so:)

And the New Year resolution will be to knock ten bells out of Draigoch.