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Manakeep 728x90
(May 25, 2018)
(Oct 18, 2013)
ROGER WILKO, cya tomoz will add youz
(Oct 18, 2013)
Dark side ofc lol
(Oct 18, 2013)
add me, Ramataki, Ramzini and Ramkin
(Oct 03, 2013)
i have 'evatrailseeker' on the light side, and 'sullenwaru' on the naughty dark side :) (if ur looking to add folks)
(Sep 30, 2013)
cheers sully, we've just had enough of lotro atm, its same old same old
(Sep 27, 2013)
would be nice to have a ram in the fold untiol helms deep
(Sep 26, 2013)
der wanna wonga
(Sep 25, 2013)
helms deep out soonish, hope its good
(Sep 25, 2013)
'The Chosen' (on the light side) , 'THe Crazed' on the dark side (red eclipse server
(Sep 23, 2013)
Rads, whats your guild details on swtor?
(Sep 02, 2013)
Havnt got anything Sully. Cant launch either :(
(Sep 02, 2013)
Anyone gettingnew XPack, out novemberish? not heard much, has every1 jumped to snowborne, i heard gilrain is deadish?
(Aug 12, 2013)
Merry doo for august!
(Jul 27, 2013)
merry doo ... monthly
(Jul 11, 2013)
not to worry Sul, it only you and me visit these sites nowadays
(Jul 11, 2013)
ahh i dont see that. then again i can only post in 1 topic forum. it says i need special access :( .
(Jul 08, 2013)
it does on left side
(Jul 08, 2013)
i like the other site, shame it dont have a merry doo shout box tho.