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Manakeep 728x90
(Dec 03, 2011)
prolly not be on much this w/e :( family commitments + super pies on espn on sunday :)
(Dec 02, 2011)
wow thats bad news! , gladit had a happy ending
(Dec 02, 2011)
hopefully they catch the bas who did it matey, some sick people out there, take care all and sleep well:)
(Dec 01, 2011)
all sorted now, was a fast response from turbine, hats off to them. thankfully only had half my gold removed but got that back to so happy ending
(Dec 01, 2011)
Wow! hope that they sort it out soon Ram so we see you back in the game soon!
(Dec 01, 2011)
Holy crap ram, hope all is well soon
(Nov 30, 2011)
bad news guys my account been banned for someone hacking it
(Nov 24, 2011)
kk bud nps, have fun
(Nov 24, 2011)
Hi guys, I said last night I should be on tonight for a late dragon raid - a friend just had their baby early, we're meeting up so may not make it
(Nov 20, 2011)
Big Big thx to mirmy for help and fun over the year > she hasnt droped completely , she will be around, and still with us, just give her a nudge :)
(Nov 17, 2011)
Allies Dragon raid went great, Soo close to killing him. next time xD
(Nov 13, 2011)
sunday is skirm day, failing that its level up toons day hehe
(Nov 09, 2011)
gtrz on items peeps got in runs 2nite, well deserved for all id say, sleep well maties and see ya all soon:)
(Nov 09, 2011)
and some rockets fire works will go off too:)
(Nov 09, 2011)
Many gtrz G and flopsie, ace news maties, lets do a party soon in kin house area for ace news matey, many gtrz to u both again:), all up for party sunday evening, ill bring pies and vodka?:)and 20 smokes
(Nov 05, 2011)
It was a great effort guys against the dragon well done:)
(Nov 05, 2011)
thx mirn, fun dragon run
(Nov 04, 2011)
Thks for fun in skirm raids 2nite guys, i passed on 5g to loopy for that roll i missed which i send to paddy by mistake, see ya soon all, ill try and make dragon raid for 2moro, sleep well all:)
(Nov 03, 2011)
Any peeps up for the dragon raid 2nite 12 man:)
(Nov 02, 2011)
Ok lil hope to cya soon