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(Apr 07, 2013)
won't be on this evening sorry - change of plans!
(Apr 02, 2013)
Merry doo for a BG T2 :)
(Mar 31, 2013)
Merry Doooo! Sully :D
(Mar 31, 2013)
Merry Doooo! 8-)
(Mar 27, 2013)
Thx Lee - it looks awesome but honestly its more than 4 years since Ive last been playing creeps :)
(Mar 25, 2013)
welcome to the creeps lille, ill help u lvl up and do quests to get u your maps when u log in matey:)
(Mar 19, 2013)
ok Belz - gl :)
(Mar 18, 2013)
Won't be on much over the next 2 weeks, for training for a new job.
(Mar 17, 2013)
busy with work this week, have a good one all & see ya next weekend :)
(Mar 16, 2013)
nice Lille! I'm now jealous :)
(Mar 16, 2013)
Merry Dooooo :0
(Mar 15, 2013)
Hello kinies :) How is things going on? I'm atm at Tenerife enjoying a lovely vacation with the family :) I'll be home at monday so untill then have fun :)
(Mar 14, 2013)
Tired here Goldy, looking forward to 2 weeks off after next week:) hows you and the gang?
(Mar 14, 2013)
Hello all hows u all?
(Mar 14, 2013)
Edd, your Guardian is still in game, as well as Lee's, are you 2 having problems logging in at all?
(Mar 11, 2013)
Kin & Alliance it will be Lee. I'll see to it if I'm on.
(Mar 11, 2013)
getting late, gn maties, take care, 2moro night, i would like to just do kin runs, and alliance all night for drops
(Mar 11, 2013)
thks Ian, ive had sim probs too last few days, i think ED is still in erebor for last few days also lol, i had to keep relogging in finnaly it worked, but it was a pain
(Mar 11, 2013)
Just to warn people, some sort of issue in rivendell atm it seems, some people (myself included) don't seem to be able to leave, and upon trying lotro crashed and now cannot clear up the old connection - i'm locked out
(Mar 09, 2013)
server instability does not make for a good night!